Dating your husband after separation

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This article was inspired by one of my readers – her husband wants to get back together after leaving her.You may see yourself in her situation, which may make it easier for you to decide about getting back together after separation.“My husband is desperately trying to reconcile our marriage after we separated,” said Lynda on my article about reconciliation tips and second chances.In some cases this may even be the stated purpose: partners (one or both) may openly proclaim that they want to see other people to relieve emotional or sexual frustration, and/or to reassure themselves that their partners are truly the ones they want to be with.(This is a common justification offered for adultery, and to be fair a temporary separation is a more honest way to go about it.) But in either case, this goes deeper than the complaints of "I just can't stand him [or her] anymore" described in the article. Casually going out for dinner and a movie with someone is one thing, but intimacy—however you want to define it, whether emotional, physical or both—is another.

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